Deborah's passion is to infuse her expertise with the clients needs and wants to create a timeless wearable piece of art. She has been creating individually designed heirlooms for over 20 years and would appreciate the opportunity to work on yours!

How it works

1. Meeting with the client. Deborah will first meet in person or via zoom with you to ask questions about the important design details that you would like in your custom piece. Also, the precious stones and metals you are interested in working with.


2. Deborah will present different options of precious stones (size, shape, colour and budget) for you to see within the boundaries of your design outline. When the client has chosen the main precious stone, hand drawn workshop drawings(3-4) are created based on fine details that were discussed in the previous meeting.


3. The design details are then finalized with the client and modified to the exact specifications so she can start creating a wax. Deborah will then use both her hand carving skills and technology (CAD) to make a suitable wax for the design.


4. The wax is then transformed into your metal of choice, finely polished with the precious stones and set to create the final piece! The details of creating a custom piece takes many hours and includes many questions to pinpoint the exact look for the finished work. Deborah's attention to details makes her the easy choice for custom work.


“What was once an inkling of an idea in my mind now has become a wearable heirloom that is cherished by my client. It’s then I realize I have the best job ever!”

- Deborah Lavery

Contact me here to begin your custom process!